Track who opened the LINK

About Automation


  • Helps in identifying hot and cold Leads.
  • You can send a new update when they are paying attention to your content.
  • Make them feel that you are not a small business but a big business to send updates when they are thinking of you.
  • Send an offer when they have time to think of you but not according to general statistics.


  • Old people can become grumpy. They can think that someone is hacking them.
  • If they click Link several times, They will get email same number of times.

Here is the process explained in the video


  • Integromat Account (create from my affiliate link and get 1 month subscription for free)
  • Database of client (Google sheet in our case)
  • Re-brandly or Bitly Account (To shorten link)
  • Email Account (Gmail account in our case)
  • Way to design Custom Link:

Steps to build custom link scenario for live updates




Get your business Automated and earn while relaxing…

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Princy Jain

Princy Jain

Get your business Automated and earn while relaxing…

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