Social Media Automation through Project Management Software

Get your social media handles up to date
  • Integromat Account
  • Social media handles with admin/moderator/editor/organizer access
  • Content calendar with description, Images ( file or URL Name as image title), and due date on it.
  • Any project management tool compatible with Integromat. Check here
  • ClickUp > Watch tasks (instant)
  • ClickUp > Get tasks:
  • Iterator
  • HTTP > Get a file
  • Router
  • Array Aggregator
  • Facebook Page > Create a post with photos
  • Facebook Groups > upload media
  • Linkedin > Create an Image post
  • Twitter > Create a tweet
  • Due Date must be equal to today’s date. So we will format both of the dates in the same format.
    TIP: Make sure that the time zone of the due date and “now” date must be the same.
  • Status: We will filter out if the status is equal to “published” or not. This is just to be sure that the task went into correct status or not.





Get your business Automated and earn while relaxing…

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Princy Jain

Princy Jain

Get your business Automated and earn while relaxing…

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