Graphic designing orders on ClickUp from the website order

  • New orders as tasks in ClickUp
  • Product description in task to assign
  • Order status can be easily changed without switching to Woo-commerce
  • Easy track of the rest of the orders
  • Any additional information (Like google form, Typeform, contact form 7) will be added to the task itself.


  • Easy delegation with team of new order on time
  • No need to check Woo/Shopify for new orders every time. Or no need of sharing access to Woo-Commerce or Shopify.
  • Easy track new orders and their progress in your project management software or from your Smartphone.
  • No need for the client to switch to his E-commerce platform to update the status of the orders.
  • Perfect for a business that wants to send very personalized emails or communicate on email with their client.
  • Reply to email client by commenting on that particular task.





Get your business Automated and earn while relaxing…

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Princy Jain

Princy Jain

Get your business Automated and earn while relaxing…

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