Etsy to Neto -Products & Orders


  • Neto doesn’t support Etsy
  • He can’t update Etsy products details directly from Neto
  • He can’t track the order details from Neto and send them to his team.
  • This is ongoing work for a full day and delegating to a VA is not economical.
  • Etsy orders take 2–3 days to approve the payment, which means someone has to track that and pass the order after payment is approved.
  • Customer details in his system to do after-sale follow up or marketing tactics like sending the newsletter.
  • The shipping information has to be updated back on Etsy which was generated through Neto.


  • Automatically paid orders were created in the Neto platform
  • No need for the client to track if the payment of the order is approved or not.
  • New paid customers have added automatically to the Neto platform. NO duplication occurs as it checks with existing customers
  • Easy delegation of order to a relevant team member.
  • The client can easily track the sales from different sales channel as tag of “Etsy” is also added to orders
  • With the tag of Etsy in product details on Neto can create a new product in Etsy with its variant.
  • While watching the updated product in Neto, Quantity of products in Etsy can be managed too.
  • When order status will change in Neto, it will automatically pick the shipping information and update the Etsy order.




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Princy Jain

Princy Jain

Get your business Automated and earn while relaxing…

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