You must have heard that we can track Link open rates. After sending emails you can see how many people have clicked the link. BUT BUT think if you can send them a related article or video link at the time they click your sent link.

Doesn’t this sound fascinating….

Different countries have different software for E-commerce so though Australia has. It has one popular software NETO which helps in Australian B2B and multi-channel selling that provides an all-in-one solution for e-commerce, POS, inventory management, order management, and shipping labeling.

Similarly, I got one client from Australia who has an…

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCamaign is no more only Email marketing software but a good way to segment, follow up, delegate between sales members easily, and see progress. You can automate the process of sending emails according to their actions or even on choices.

Sales automation helps in tracking lead progress visually. You can…

In online business, especially today emails are very important. We receive notifications from different apps and services, invoices, Proposals, replies from clients, and many more.

Sometimes newsletters are important for the latest offers and features. Problems that needed to be cured:

  • Label useful Emails like offers, client messages
  • Delete old…

Social media automation is important for every business. As there are many different social media handles posting on all of them is a time-consuming task. Therefore we have come up with a content calendar plan through project management software.

Get your social media handles up to date

Whatever project management software you use you can build a content…

Princy Jain

Get your business Automated and earn while relaxing…

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